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Search engine optimization can mean the difference between being discovered and being ignored. Between growing revenue or status quo. Between success and failure. And search is constantly evolving.

We offer services for every unique challenge, from complete SEO management to consulting.

  • SEO Audits provide a comprehensive look at your site and a playbook for ongoing improvement. Read more here.
  • Technical SEO audits look at infrastructure and site implementation, finding roadblocks and recommending improvements.
  • Intensive Keyword Research to guide content and on-page search engine optimization decision-making.
  • Site Structure and Internal Linking Reviews to spot opportunities for immediate improvement and strategic cross-linking to your most important content.
  • Content Creation and Optimization using clear data to provide a roadmap for both new and existing content.
  • Content Outreach and link building to improve your brand’s authority and relevance around strategic topics.

Pick and choose. Do it all. Either way, we bring the skills and expertise of a complete SEO skillset.

Image of an SEO crawl tree that works like an x-ray of your website from Portent's Crawler RaingageSEO

Because Your Customer is Not An Algorithm

Your new mantra: Visibility. Relevance. Authority. And you can’t afford to come up short on any of these pillars of search engine optimization.

Picture going through the next algorithm update and feeling entirely at ease that your site is in the best-possible hands. We use a strictly ethical, white hat approach to all our SEO strategies. Long before Panda and Penguin were household names Portent made white hat SEO part of our normal process. But we also strive to be visionary. We are always thinking ahead about how to approach SEO in a way that isn’t reactionary to algorithm updates. Instead, we strategize how to make your site provide a great user experience. It’s all about your customers, after all.

We consider every aspect of search engine optimization, from site speed to content, from local to international. Our search consultants work closely with our Analytics department to provide insights on your site’s visitor behavior and improve conversion rates. Our team works with our Design & Development group to make sure every campaign, website redesign, or relaunch we roll out is rock-solid.

Ian Lurie discussing SEO and Intelligent Customer Experience in the Portent office in Seattle

Case Studies

Don’t take our word for it. We’ve been delivering business-changing growth for our clients since we started 24 years ago. Awards are great, and we’ve got more than a few, but we measure success in the tangible results we drive for our clients day-in and day-out.

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Take your organic growth to the next level.

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